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[June 16♥2005]
okay,okay. i didnt think that naming my llama dick was such a bad thing, but i didnt like it- so i made a "pussy" as tyler and i would call it- but yeap.
my pet!
welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[June 15♥2005]
[ mood | crazy ]

my pet!

welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[May 30♥2005]
[ mood | cold ]

wow, it's been like months since i've been on this freaking thing-- o'well, yeh, my computers broken =( hmm, this summer has been great so far-- even though its only been like 3 or 4 days-- i hope it's a SHIT of a lot better than last  summer. yeap, i'm over at tyler halls with an ass of people- i forgot how much you could miss people ... yeap. i am having a lot of fun hanging with them, they can always make me smile :-D yeah, yeah. well, that's really all i have to say for now because -- yeah? =) later gators.

ps. it's fucking freezing in his house, i'm like shivering and i have on will's like THICK hoodie-- i think i'm going to die of hypothermia? ( spelling )

5 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[April 14♥2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

GAH-- PEOPLE ARE FUCKING GAYY! anyway, over at sarah's house :) yeh, somebody changed my password to "kourtni12" wonder who that coulda been? gah, anyway, we're about to go talk to mary winkle.. ahhahahahahah steven ;)

12 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[February 16♥2005]
[ mood | determined ]

i dont know about that last entry : / i want it, but i dont. anyway, gotta go work my buns ;) i`ll update more, later <333

allennn- thank you for adding me<3333333

30 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[February 15♥2005]
[ mood | enthralled ]

i think steven and i are talking again<3 hahh! we hung out last night, it was awesome :)<3

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[February 10♥2005]
[ mood | drained ]

lalaalalala..........................i looove this song.

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[February 10♥2005]
[ mood | artistic ]

oh yes yes... love this. I have no idea what my background is.. i thought it was cool.. so yuh. =) and my user info and all that crap is on my friends page. i have to get nemec to try and fix it <3 yee =) i love my lj<3 anyway.. bbl.

welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[February 10♥2005]
[ mood | contemplative ]

mwhaha! new layout<33 courtnie fucking rocks, how i love her =) mm.. yuh, i made my lj open to everyone.. AGAIN, hoping that all the little immature queers will leave it at PEACE . =) haha.. anyway. today was fun, we didnt have a teacher in art- so we all fucked around.. left her room to hell. =)oh, so, great. yuh-- and then.. i was bored- and slept during astronmy.. duhhh.. psh, sucks. anyway, nothing left to say. omfg. i saw the notebook last night- i cried SOOO hard, for hours. BEST MOVIE  everrrrrrrrrrrrr! =)


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[February 08♥2005]

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[February 02♥2005]
okay yeh, jess fucked up my lay out. damint. i`ma try and fix it.
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[January 26♥2005]
[ mood | horny ]


miss chelsdel689: wait til you see my dick, i'ma beat dat ass pussy UP

=) yes sir`e

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[January 24♥2005]
2 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[January 24♥2005]
[ mood | depressed ]

gah, i learned something today.. something that i should've listened to a long time ago. a friend of mine told me that i shouldnt let the things that people say about me get to my head. if they're my real friends then they wont doubt me, and my feelings towards them. if they have something to ask me about, then they'll ask me about it, and not talk crap about me behind my back.and if they think i did or said whatever, "fuck em" i dont need them anyway, all they cause is drama. -- i totally agree. the only problem is, is that it's not that easy. I can't change what people think of me, and I`m sick of trying to make everything all better. if you're my true friend then you can just laugh with me when people say things like , "sorry, boys dont like fake boobs" just because you and i both know that it's not true... or whatever the case may be. I know who my true friends are, and they know me the best out of anyone on this earth, they know that i`m not some walking slut, and that i dont get with EVERYONE, and that i'm not backstabbing shit talking brat. but whatever, some people have formed that opinion about me, and that's fine, whatever. i really don`t care anymore. i'm not going to "talk shit" anymore, i`m not even going to worry about it... i cant. i'm going to my lj friends only now, later.

2 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[January 18♥2005]
[ mood | drained ]

i took a nap today,aren't i just COOL? ew- and my sister got stiches in her head- 3 on the INSIDE (Uh ew) and 7 on the outside.what a blow. bored- la la- later-<3

oh p.s i`m sick. :(

26 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[January 17♥2005]
[ mood | content ]

oh how do i love butt sex.. especially on nigger day.

3 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[January 10♥2005]
[ mood | crazy ]

wow. nice people these days. i went to walmart today with bradon- he got the jimmy eat world CD- and he bought us both BIG bouncy balls :D

8 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[January 10♥2005]
[ mood | flirty ]

haven't updated in a long time. i just got the real internet back today. so yeh. i'll update later.

5 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

[January 04♥2005]
[ mood | blank ]

commen home today.

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[January 03♥2005]
[ mood | curious ]

well damn, i'm in Georgia. I thank God for that, i mean damn, that's pretty sad when Lexington has THAT much drama in it. dag'um. people these days, Jesus. Anyway, Jess<3 sent me some messages from his cruiz today! :) that like made my day! then.. later on tonight after we were out for a little while, we were upside the road and some damn physco-path started chasing me, hayley, and marlee( my cousin) so we ripped these mail box looking ( nigger beaters--- that's what they call em, not me) things up outta the ground and we chased em' off. scariest thing, like ever. it was crazy!

xOLtOwNbAbii 803: i never said chriss raped me?
xOLtOwNbAbii 803: uhhh, GROSS
cAnadIAnSrOCk875: lol he prolly tried to knowing chriss
cAnadIAnSrOCk875: but you never said he did
xOLtOwNbAbii 803: i was like... wtf are you talking about you dumb girl?
xOLtOwNbAbii 803: i know i didnt i was like mm.. yeahh
xOLtOwNbAbii 803: yOU BET
cAnadIAnSrOCk875: haha
xOLtOwNbAbii 803: psh..
xOLtOwNbAbii 803: :D

gah-lee, i love you brittany allison wortman! bffl.

anyway, i'm off to hang out with the family, talk to ya'll whenever! oh yeah! i'm getting my hair dyed and cut right tomorrow! thank you jesus.!

21 welcOme to HoLLYwOoD, whOre.

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